I had never enjoyed Brussel Sprouts before
Which is weird, because I enjoy every other thing cabbage – sauerkraut, coleslaw, cabbage soup, corned beef and cabbage… Please notice that I used past tense in the title. While I have tried them many times, cooked in many ways, I finally found a winner!

For our Labor Day family gathering, brother Jeff made GRILLED brussel sprouts! It was a very simple procedure – he trimmed, cleaned and halved the sprouts. Then they were parboiled in salted water.

Next, but the best part, using a grill basket he charred them over a hot flame!

While still hot, they were tossed with an herbed butter. Simple, delicious, and by themselves they were delightful. With the addition of the balsamic glaze that I had brought, they were divine.

I learned from this not to give up on an item just because you haven’t had it served in ‘your’ right way – just like we tell the kids, we have to keep trying different things.

Posted by Linda :
Monday 20 September 2010 - 10:11:19
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