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Title Aunt Pat's Salad 
Preparation time 20 min plus an overnite rest 
Servings enough for a party 
Ingredients Please note: all measurements are approximations, and this is just a guideline.

1 ½ cup mayo
2 Tblsp sugar
3-4 cups of torn iceberg, romaine, or other crisp lettuce
3 stalks celery, sliced thin
½ cup green pepper, diced
One small bunch of scallions, sliced thin
½ cup or more grated (sharp) cheddar
6 – 8 oz bacon (about half a package), cooked crisp and chopped
½ cup frozen peas (the petite kind is best) 
Method This is ideally prepared and served in a long clear glass casserole dish or bowl – about 4” deep.

In a separate bowl, mix mayo and sugar; let sit in fridge while prepping all the other ingredients.

Layer the remaining ingredients in the order shown, adding the mayo blend (stir again before spreading) after the scallions and before the cheese. Cover and refrigerate at least overnight, 24 hours is best. The peas thaw, and the cheese and bacon and dressing all blend into a fabulous flavor. I like to add a little freshly ground pepper when I serve myself, but I leave that up to others to decide… 
Nutritional information A family favorite - a layered salad that is pretty, easy and delicious!
Credit I first had this at a Christmas Eve party many years ago, and was amazed when Aunt Pat told me how simple it was – and once my Mom knew that I knew how to make it, she has asked for it many times since. I use scallions, because there are some family members that don’t like raw onions (including Mom), but I think it is better with some HINT of that flavor – and no one’s complained yet! Thanks, Aunt Pat!!!
Posted by Linda 
Posted on Sunday 23 May 2010 - 09:16:33